We hope to see you at some of our events this month. As always, we encourage you to attend as many events as possible! Be as active as you wish, but stay a member. You count and are special to our branch. 

March 2019

March 1st – UNA Movie night

March 8th – International Women’s Day 

March 14th – Board meeting, 6:30pm, Davis Library, Small Conference Room

March 15th – UNA Movie night

March 18-20 – Tech Trek Interviews

March 19 – Celebrate the 19th – happy hour at Ket Mo Ree 5:30pm

March 31st – UNA International Women’s Day Celebration 3-5pm @ I-House

April 1st – Equal Pay Day Program at State Capitol

April 5th (Friday) – UNA Movie Night:  In Search of Famine /Akaler Sandhane  

April 8th – Business Meeting & Quilt drawing 

April 11th (Thursday) – Board meeting

April 19th (Friday) – Celebrate the 19th Dinner at Crepeville and UNA Movie Night:  Seven 

Boxes/ 7 Cajas

April 20th (Saturday) –  Book Group: A Spark of Light by Jodi Picoult

May 7th (Tuesday) – 7-9pm: Board meeting, Davis Library

Celebrate the 19th/Book Group – Lies My Teacher Told Me by James Loewen

May 9th (Thursday) – Board meeting

May 19th – Celebrate the 19th